•     AY系列发电机不同于SD系列,它在产品定位上要更高于SD系列,属于ATIMA系列产品中的中高端级别。AY2000i虽然与SD2000i在功率上相同并同属于中端产品,但其所对应的消费人群却大相径庭。AY2000i定位于对生活品质有更高要求、享受型的客户群,他们年龄层次更高并且更为知性,其中有更多女性用户,所以AY2000i的造型更为内敛却更有品质感。

•     产品外观造型简洁端庄,尽显简约之美;把手与机体浑然一体,整体线条犹如限量款复古名包般让人爱不释手;高亮的外壳与金属材质logo相结合,更突显高贵品质;整洁的操控板与平和的出风口展现出优雅沉着的高贵气质。
•     Different from the SD generator series, AY series is on a higher level of product positioning and falls into the medium and high-end product of the ATIMA product series. As for power, AY2000i, similar to SD2000i, is a medium-end product; however, the two have totally different target customers: AY2000i is positioned to the client groups who, with an older age and rational sense, have high expectation for life quality and pursue personal comfort. Also, AY2000i has more female clients. Therefore, AY2000i requires a more reserved and quality outlook.

•     AY2000i’s outlook features the simplified and dignified beauty; the wholeness for all its lines are like part of the main structure, creating a feeling a brand classic handbag; the highly polished cover and metal-made logo together show the noble quality; its neat control panel and harmonious ventilation route present an elegant bearing.
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