•     AY3000i是ATIMA系列产品中大功率高端产品,定位的消费人群是以家庭为单位的追求更高生活品质的尊享型人群,他们期望更高端的科技产品所带来的享受与舒适体验。

•     产品外观造型端正稳健,复古的电视机灵感来源却带来强烈的科技感;双提手设计与主体的结合相得益彰,整体感强烈;排风口设计平稳排布,尽显深沉;高亮的外壳与金属材质logo相结合,更突显高贵品质;

•     在AY3000i的结构设计上,除了保持小体积与整体坚固性,我们还在底部加入了转轮,搭配主体上方的双把手,使产品使用更为便捷。
•     AY3000i, the high-end product with high power in the ATIMA product series, is targeted at the family which are seeking for life of the highest quality and expecting the comfortable experience brought by higher-end scientific products.

•     AY3000i’s outlook is upright and reserved; though inspired by the antique television, it presents a strong feeling of science; the two handles match with the main structure, show inseparable unity; the ventilation routes are laid out orderly, giving a feeling of stability; the highly polished cover and metal-made logo together show the noble quality.

•     As for the structure, AY3000i, featuring small size and unified wholeness, is installed with wheels under the major body; together with the two handles, the wheels are to make the generator more convenient.
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