•     随着人们对生活品质的追求不断提高,自助旅行越来越盛行,发电机设备也开始走进人们的日常生活中来。ATIMA数码变频发电机系列产品便由此诞生。

•    SD1000i是ATIMA系列产品中低功率入门级产品。虽然属于入门级别,但在产品设计上我们却秉承着顶级的设计思路。SD1000i定位于年轻人为主消费群体,因此产品造型要迎合年轻人酷炫、动感的形象气质。我们摒弃了以往变频汽油发电机“冰冷”的机械工具产品定位,打造出一款符合年轻人气质的娱乐休闲产品。




•     With the constant improvement in people’s life quality, budget travelling has become more and more popular and the generator has become an apparatus frequently employed in daily life. And ATIMA digital variable frequency generator series come into people’s life.

•     Though being an entry-level low-powered product in the ATIMA generator series, SD1000i carries the top-level design philosophy of I.CO. Targeted on the young as the major customers, SD1000i has to satisfy the young’s taste and has to be produced with a shiny and dynamic outlook. Therefore, I.CO gets rid of the old product positioning, a “cold equipment”, and successfully builds a product used in entertainment and leisure by the young.

SD1000i features an aggressive shape with compact and small size, fashionable and shiny outlook, as well as neat and clean cut; the wing-shaped cuts on either side of the body not only smartly blending in the outlook of heat emission holes but also make the product more flexible; the labels on both side of the body are laid out in the motion trail of an aircraft and are with changing colors from light green to dark fluorescent green; the wing-shaped part and the labels laid out in the motion trial of an aircraft make the generator a small flying machine which is moving forward at a high speed and with a shiny green beam.

As for the structure, I.CO employs a better design: an extraordinary and stable outlook with least numbers of surfaces. Also, the generator is small in size, thus being potable and producing similar power like commercial power.

In short, SD1000i, in outlook and function, can bring people more convenience in their individual entertainment.

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